Analog stick problem
Hello everybody, well I'm new in the forum and new playing in PSCX2.

I read some guides about analog stick configuration, here and googling, but I can't find anything about this issue. The problem is I need to rotate 360° the left analog stick but I can't find the way. I tried clicking all assigned keys or kinda rotating, but nothing. Is there a pad plugin for rotate 360° the left analog? I mean just assigning 1 key or at least, is it possible 360° rotation?

My PSCX2 version is 1.3.1 from winds pro and the pad plugin is Lilypad 0.11.0


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Let me guess... FFX Lulu overdrive?

You can bind it to mouse movements IIRC. But lulu's overdrive is the least effective one and you can play that game without the overdrive. I think every spell during the overdrive is only 1/4th of damage a normal spell has and you can achieve up to 8 spells which results in just double of damage... So no need to consider...
Of course I'd like play without it but I can't. The game is Digimon world 4, actually. I need the left analog stick 360° rotation for active the "spiral attack" this move is the most important to meet some quests and defeat the strongest bosses hard mode in the game. I 'd like to know if I can solve this problem, because I want play this game since years ago.
As I said you can bind the analog stick to your mouse.

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