Analog stick problems
Im using a Logitech F710 gamepad and im having a bit of a problem with the analog sticks. Sorry my English is bad and its really hard for me to explain the problem but anyway

When I play a character controlled rpg game that run/walks depending if the analog sticks are half/fully forward, the movement is not smooth when the sticks pass through the NW NE SE SW parts of my circular analog sticks.

The character turns is not smooth, it stops and walks then runs again when it passes through those 4 corners. Its like pcsx2 thinks the corners of my analog stick is square and not circular. Make sense?

Do i need to set something? I just want my character not to do jerky movements when turning.

This does not happen on dolphin or any native pc game i play. The character turns are smooth but not on pcsx2. And yes my controller is calibrated on control panel.


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If your gamepad's analog sticks are like the x360's then that's exactly what happens. A square range is expected while the controller gives a circle-ish one.

If you're using LilyPad, try increasing the sensitivity of each axis.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
much better. thanks!

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