Analog stick strange behavior
Okay, so my analog setup acts weird. Let's say it's a game where you push lightly to walk and all the way to run. I used Chulip. Using the analog stick, he runs at a normal speed for a few seconds but then starts to walk even though I'm pushing the stick the full way. Same thing happens in Maximo.

This happens with both a 360 and generic controller. I tried making it less sensitive, but I still have the issue. What is a way to get around this?

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change the sensitivity from Lily pad Configuration ( you already did that was it from lily pad or adriver or something? )

and could it be the game mechanism have you check it in PS2 ?
I've currently set sensitivity at 1.381 on my xbox360 controller left analog stick and it works fine
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I still have the issue even when I raise the sensitivity...
which pcsx2 version u're using?
I am using 1.1.0.
Maybe the character got tired?
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
U didn't mention which svn revision e.g. r5622.
Anyway install svn 5622 & see if it makes a difference Smile
because before i had also problems with keyboard & Gamepad.but now seems they working fine in 5622 svn.
Before working version for me was 5581,u can try that too !!
1 more thing first uninstal drivers for u'r controller from program & features & restart the computer !
as the dude said the problem is only in PCSX2 so the driver reinstall is useless
(05-05-2013, 12:33 PM)The Old Refuge Wrote: as the dude said the problem is only in PCSX2 so the driver reinstall is useless

ah Angry,u can't stop following me in every thread.i said it because my Gamepad vibration was also get affected when i used a faulty version.
So i reinstalled gamepad driver & it again start working fine.
Maybe other problems also get solved if he reinstall drivers for his controller !!

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