Analog stick with Keyboard
So I'm playing Final Fantasy X and I've put off using Lulu's Overdrive because you need to spin the right analog stick and I don't know how to configure the keyboard to act as the analog stick. I configured a key for each four directions on the stick, I = Up, J = Left, K = Down and L = Right. I press them fast as if rotating the stick, but it doesn't do there a way to make it work?

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one of the pads uses the mouse for the sticks
Oh thanks, I'll check that out tomorrow, it's 1.30am here and I'm tired...
Sorry, but could you tell me how to set the mouse for use as an analog stick? I tried a couple of things but don't know what I'm doing..
Heh, I have same trouble with Lulu's override... The FIRST thing I tried was to reconfigure the controlls to use mouse (horizontal axis and vertical one)... It works for moving character or through selection screens but not with the override... Tried to use buttons but also with no effect... Anyone knows what to do? It is not that important to use this override at all, but it IS part of the game after all :-)

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