Analog sticks don't work well
Hey guys,
I've recently downloaded PCSX2 1.0 to get back into KH2, but I've been having trouble with the analog sticks. Left one to be exact; when pointing straight down, it'll work fine, the game will input it as running, but diagonal down-left and down-right has the character walk. I know it's a problem with the configuration, but how the hell am I supposed to up the sensitivity only on those 2 directions?
I use the X360 controller, and it works fine with every PC game.

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Check the picture I provided, should help you quite nicely. If it's not the primary 4 directions that are causing you to walk slow and only diagonal, I suggest raising the sensitivity values just a little (left, down, right, up) in order to try and correct this issue.

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Thanks man, raising all the sensitivity's worked Smile
Mods can close the thread. Unless there's a way for me to do it... >.>

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