Analog sticks not working in-game, but i can map them correctly on the options!
Sorry to bother, but i'm having issues getting my analogs to work in-game. i use a generic controller that works fine in every windows game and is direct input. 

I clicked the box for Direct input support, binded the analog sticks in the mapping and it reads fine, and i'm trying to use the "analog button" function in the emulator but it doesnt recognize my analog input in-game. 

Please help

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Maybe the game thinks your controller doesn't have its own analog mode activated? I remember that even Sony's DualShock 2 retained the Analog button switch, probably for backwards compatibility reasons, even though every game auto-activated it which wasn't true with PS1 games. IIRC the analog button is still an (optional) keybind in the gamepad setup screen for this reason, just in case. Try making sure this button is mapped and then try 'activating' your analog mode once the game is fully loaded.

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