Analog sticks only move in 8 directions
PSCX2 Nightly v1.7.4378

Hi, I have been playing on Pcsx2 recently and noticed an issue with my analog sticks, they only seem to move in 8 directions. Left, right, down, up and then each corner. Certain areas of the sticks do not react at all and I am quite confused. I am using an Xbox 360 controller do not have this issue on any other games, be it PC, emulation, or even my xbox 360.. I am a bit confused on what to do here as I have messed with settings and had 0 results. Changing settings and such has 0 effect. This happens in every game too on pcsx2 but does not with anything esle like I said..

any ideas? Wacko

my current settings are below but like i said, I have been through every option (I believe) and it still persists

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