Analogic stick in linux
Hi there.

Trying to play FF XII in PCSX2, but it requires the analogic stick and I just can't figure out if onepad plugin can emulate it. So, questions:

1) onepad can emulate ps2 joysticks' analogic stick ?

2) if not, I guess I'll need a joystick.. Is there any controller that works on linux 64 bit? How can I make it work?

Thanks in advance!

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1/ If analog stick are the stick at the bottom.
Hum you can use the keyboard for analog stick. You can also use mouse for one of the stick. However the limitation of the keyboard is either 0% or 100%.
2/ There are plenty of pad that work on linux. I have a PS2700 (but rumble is not working) a ds3/sixaxis. Others guys use xbox controller.
Beside (like Gregory said) Xbox 360 controllers (including the wireless variants) good working gamepads are these:

All of them (Xbox360 and Rumblepad) are working OK including force feedback.
From my point of view the best one is the first Rumblepad2 (the one with cable).

No need to install or do anything.

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