And the Sources Follow...
It took only a couple of hours to convince us that it is impossible to make a Linux release without also releasing the source. For those people that had problems with the binaries, they can now go to the sourceforge site and compile their own executables! Hopefully this will resolve all the random crashes and exceptions. Note that the Cg Toolkit
is required for successful compilation. To compile everything type

> sh all

at the root SVN directory. Look at the INSTALL file in the root directory for more options.

Please keep in mind that the graphics in linux are a little lacking due to an incomplete ZeroGS OpenGL plugin. Anti-aliasing and hardcore graphics have not been tested thoroughly; however, the linux builds are still very good. From the tests we've done, performance and features are pretty much the same when compared to the Windows version... which is a tremendous leap for pcsx2. A lot of time was put in to make this release possible.

Windows Users: You can similarly compile your own binaries if you are curious what the team has been up to lately. We will not be officially supporting any windows specific bugs or compilation problems from 0.9.3. 0.9.3 is specifically meant for linux.

Beryl users: Turn it off or otherwise pcsx2 will go very slow.

Some final words: try not to have any Linux vs Windows or x86 vs x86-64 recompiler wars until 0.9.4 comes out.

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