Annoying Slowdown With FF-X
I'm getting some pretty nasty slowdowns with ff-x, no matter what settings I try. According to what I understand, my system SHOULD be running this no problem, but it isn't. Help please?

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What you understand might not be right, so be a good lad and tell us your system specifications Smile

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium, with a core-i3 550@ 3.2GHz, and a Geforce GT610, as well as 4 gigs DDR3 ram. Anything esle you need to know?
those specs might be pushing it, but i not sure as i3 arnt exactly power houses and 610 gt is entry video card at best
If i had to guess, your GPU only has enough juice to emulate PS1 games.
Here it is compared to mine:

Your cpu appears to be acceptably powerful, for a dual core at least, but doesn't compare to my i5 750:
..Yeah, I have one of the early core i3s, before the switch to the sandy bridge architecture (if fact, I just got it before intel debuted LGA 1155 >_> ). Still decent proccessor, but now that I have an actual decent(if non-powerful) vidoecard, my next thing for my birthday would likely be new motherboard+proc with one of new i5s(at the very least, one of the sandy bridge procs if I can swing it), as well as Windows 7 64bit, to take advantage of being able to stick more ram in this thing.

But anyways, what you are saying is I should forget emulating anything more graphics intensive than Disgaea?(which I have and runs fine)? Crud
Yes and no.
Where in th game are you getting those slodowns ?
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You may have to stick to native in hardware mode. Also fire and demi are very heavy in this game
GT610 is not insufficient for PCSX2. I ran many games on it, some at higher than native. It should run most games at native or higher that are not on this list:
[Image: XTe1j6J.png]
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Most, if not all cutscenes and FMVs, though I get the odd random fps drop now and then. The strangest thing though, is it stops for a couple minutes if I pause the emulator briefly(like to fiddle with settings for instance)

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