Another Century's Episode 3
Meh, I know that it aint really in the compatibility list, though it might help on fixing some extra games.

Somehow, on playing the game at first mission the game works all fine.
Yet Second Mission is like while loading a spam of error in the console window.

(EE pc:0034D02C) TLB Miss, addr=0x7ffff [load]

It ends with that.
Can't trace the beginning one though.

Currently using the 0.9.7 Beta version of PCSX2.
Though it happened too at the other at 0.9.6.
Does anybody have a cure for this? =\

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Hmm I actually have this one but haven't got around to playing it yet... care to share a savestate from right before the crash?
In Emulation Settings, tab VUs, section Clamping Mode, set it from Normal to Extra.

Also, check the system menu and see if you have cheats enabled (0.9.7). That will also cause this problem.
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Well, That worked.

Somehow nobody told me that. T_T

Ah well, thanks for the help. =P

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