Another DBZ Budokai Thread
First post!

Hey all, I'm totally new to all this and I've had some problems (which I have been unable to fix after reading through tonnes of previous threads after searching).

My PC specs:
AMD Phenom X4 - 9750 at 2.4 Ghz per core
4GB RAM (really only 2GB because of windows Vista)
ATI Radeon HD 4850 1GB

My first problem is with running Dragonball Z Budokai 3 (NTSC version) - I just can't seem to get over 40 fps, I mostly fluctuate around 25-35 fps. And when I have managed over 40 (even 50's), it still feels like its 20 fps and won't speed up - It's just like the entire thing is in slow motion.

The config I'm using for that is just really basic atm:
GSDx 3693 SSE2 0.1.16 - Using DX10 (Hardware) and Native PS2 resolution (nothing else ticked, Texture filtering is on but grayed out).
And Clamping mode is set to None in EE/IOP and VUs.

Also have VU Cycle stealing on at moderate (this makes it a tiny bit quicker/higher fps). The other hacks that were on by default (Enable INTC spin, enable wait loop detection and MVU flag hack are on).

Clamping modes are on none (i think this provided a minor FPS boost).

Any thought's/ideas (please explain too as I'm a noob with locations of options etc atm Tongue - Ill post my other problems after we fix this one XD).
Pre-emptive thanks Laugh

PS - I can run DBZ Boudokai Tenkaichi 3 at full FPS (which I assume is more demanding than DBZ Budokai 3)

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What about the other settings? Could you post a screenshot of them? What do the EE/GS % numbers in the game window say when you get the slow speed?

Try changing the VUs to "superVU" and changing your Sound plugin to ZeroSPU2.
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Heres the screenies (I turned the VUs to superVU's and i get over 40 fps most but the frames still randomly fluctuate down low and has a lot of slowdown even when it says i have high FPS. Btw, ZeroSPU2 messes the sound up (especially in fights) - it lags/stutters a lot

On the intro movie: EE mostly 95%-100%, GS 15-25%, UI stays below 5% mostly.

During a Fight: EE moves from about 88%-105%, GS moves around 50%-80% mostly and UI is usually low.


[Image: WindowSettings.png]

[Image: VUsettingsandGSD10.png]

[Image: SHSettings.png]

[Image: PluginsAndEEsettings.png]

[Image: GSSettings.png]

Use EE Cyclerate speedhack instead of VU Cycle Stealing, and try overclocking your CPU.
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