Another FF XII Crash Thread
Hi Guys,

I'm running FF XII fine on the pcsx2. However, this game crashs for some weird reason.

The only message I get in the debug windows is something with "Tlb Miss" something whatever Laugh. You can see it in the attachment.

I'm using GSDx latest SVN, the SSE4 build, the latest SVN of PCSX2.

The CPU is set to default, I tried to delete all the ini's and it didn't work. The crashs show up randomly, so I can't say a time line. So I hope you guys can help me with that. If you need more information, it's impossible to make a dump, since the whole program crashs.

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I have that crash as well on the latest SVN, haven't tried an earlier version. In general, support is only given for the latest official releases (beta 1474 or 0.9.6) so try it out on one of those two first and see if the random crashing it still there. If not, then leave a comment in the SVN thread.
have you tried micro VU? (newest beta/svn only)
I try MicroVU today. The crash happened with the official version too.

Ok I tried it with MicroVU, still the same crash.
Sorry for double post, but I didn't want to create a new thread for this.

After I'm got some sword in Miriam in the story part, I'm leaving Miriam and a cut scene starts. At a specific point at this cut scene PCSX2 crashs. It's always the same spot.

The old problem seems to be fixed since 1 or 2 updates ago.
Try setting the clamp mode in advance to normal or higher. My crashes were fixed after I set to normal (before I used none for speed)
Perhaps the fault has a speedhacks ?.
I'm not using any speedhacks and the modes are all set to default. But I will try it with another settings. And to say, it's the only cut scene which crashes PCSX2. All the others work fine to this part.
maybe your game image is "broken"? I finished FF12 on PCSX2 without a single crash on official beta.
Check my profile for hardware/software and games i played on PCSX2.
Ok the latest on this bug is that it appears to be caused by r1509 of PCSX2. I'd like to try to get a second confirmation on that if possible tho, since it is a random crash. Random crashes make it necessary to do double and triple confirmations on regression testing, because there's always an astronomically slim chance that the bug is still there in the "working" revision and just randomly didn't happen for the tester during a prolonged testing session, for reasons of quantum chaos. Smile

If you need I'll post builds of r1509 and r1508 for you to test, and see if
a) 1509 crashes randomly
b) 1508 does not.

Or compile them yourself, if you have the ability. Smile
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team

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