Another FFX lag issue
So, having browsed thru some of the FFX threads, I couldnt quite finde something that helped me. Most of the threds that reported lag, were using a more lower-end pc.

Anyway. Issue here is, that during alot of enemy fights, my FPS plummets from 50fps to under 20. This is guaranteed if I pull out some of my aeons, or the enemy uses something heavy on me like Demi. I've tried every GPU setting starting from the best all the way to native, but even in native setting I experience some fps drop, altho not as extreme. I can run 2x 90% of the time.
Im also experiencing frequent computer crashes. Its not just the game that crashes, my screen freezes with lots of grey colums spanning the entire screen. This forces me into basicly force rebooting my pc. Other times my screen starts to flicker alot, almost like it has a bad connection in the screen cable, which it dosent.

I'm also not using any speedhacks or anything.

My pc-stats are:
Operating System = Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit
Physical RAM = 8177 MB
CPU name = AMD Phenom™ II X6 1090T Processor
Vendor/Model = AuthenticAMD (stepping 00)
CPU speed = 3.599 ghz (6 logical threads)
GPU = Sapphire HD 5770 (my 7870 is sent back to the vendor to get a new one due to the black-screen issue)

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Try setting skipdraw to 2-3 or turning off 8 bit textures, Or set Aggressive CRC on the hacks screen in GPU settings, Whats going on is the double image that FFX uses to make it look more 3D in battle, and it causes the game to lag, As for the second issue. Thats a computer problem not an emulator one, Could be your video card going bad or your overheating as I had that issue in several other games that are for PC.
8bit textures are off. Can try the Aggressive CRC. The reason I mentioned the crashing is because it happens alot more frequently when Im playing this game with the emu, and I cant seem to get it to work on my TV without the comp crashing...
Well Then it might be your cpu crashing, Cause PCSX2 uses alot of CPU power, And it makes your system Overheat far faster then normal cause your cpu is allways working hard on it, (even tho you only use at most 3 cores) Run a tempurature check while you play to see if you can find whats overheating. Reason why I say that, I had a computer awhile back that allways crashed with PCSX2 but nothing else would crash it as fast. like within 5 minutes usually. Turns out i found out a pin was broken on my processor so it got over charged cause it was a ground. When I replaced the processor I havent had a crash since. If the new GPU replacements fixes the crashing YAY. But if it doesnt you might have to get a replacement for the CPU, Or maybe even the ram. Try taking a stick of ram out of your pc and then test the game to see if the comp crashes as well, It will take some time but you should pinpoint where its coming from, Cause if it was the emu itself the emulator would crash not the system.
well, no one can really help you from afar but here is my (more than) two cents

you should consider these:
- it is the second time that you have VGA/monitor problem 1)7870 2)5770

-stripes, squares and generally "patterns" on a monitor, since the screen is checked and considered safe/ok, is usually memory related. I'm not sure what memory: system RAM or VGA ram.

-VGA problems usually arise from power problems(most common) or poor manufacturer(rare). VGAs draw quite some power from the PSU and PCIe slot. Also problems show up usually after the VGA gets hot.

so, if I were you, I would check:
-power issues. Make sure the PSU is sufficient
make sure the motherboard supplies enough power (might want sent it to the shop for a "checkup")
-check the card on another computer
-run memtest

the frame-drops are expected/usual during "demi". Check other threads. The most serious problem is the screen-trashing IMO.

best luck!
well thats that then, kinda weird that a pc that is like 10x more powerfull then the ps2 has issues running a ps2 game, but i guess thats more the emu's fault(not that im saying the emu is bad Tongue hehe)

Regarding my hardware, I quite resently changed my PSU to a 850W 80Plus bronze PSU to be sure I had enuff power for my 7870card, so the PSU I know isnt the problem, the MB, was the top MSI card for the AM3+ socket so you should think it would supplie enuff power(sending it in isnt an option since thats gonna take like 2-3 weeks before i get back, and I really dont want to start taking my comp apart Tongue ) And as for my ram, its the Corsair Dominator 1600 Mhz chips, unclocked... I think its just my luck, never can get a 100% working pc by the looks of it hehe Smile
As for the CPU, I find it REALLY hard to see that this emu is more taxing on my system then for instance BF3 with ultra settings on a full 64man server with helis, jets and all kinds of tanks running around doing havoc Wink But, I'll turn on core temp just to be safe anyway Wink

Anyways, thanks for the quick replies and help!
wow, just checked MSI afterburner for some info on my GPU, apparently, the max temp on my GPU was 99deg Laugh if thats the case, I wonder why my pc is still running Wink
Hmm. Is your system overclocked? And 99deg could be the issue, But I have the same settings as you do on pcsx2 and i dont have an issue on my Radeon HD 6770 Hmm.. what kind of cooling do you have, And is it overly hot near your computer?
only my cpu, but only from 3.2 to 3.6Ghz. Using core temp now, and it hasnt gone over 40deg, and Im pretty sure that the MSI Afterburner software is giving me the wrong temp, its around 20deg higher then what the ATI Vision Control is telling me. As for the cooling on my cpu, its a HUGE Noctura cooling tower with 2x90mm fans on it. So heat isnt an issue, also have fairly good ventilation in the cabinet...
Try Turning off all overclocking as FFX Doesnt really need it cause my AMD Phenom II x4 Can play FFX at 60 FPs when proper fixes are set and it doesnt lag at all, And i only have 3.2GHz.

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