Another Final Fantasy X Problem
Hello all.

I came across this emulator while searching for a PS1 emulator and I must say I'm suitably impressed.

Anyway, this morning I got Final Fantasy X (NTSC) working and have been sat here for three hours now loving every minute of it.

However, after Yuna's 'sending scene' (after the screen fades to black and you go to sleep; about 3 hours in), the game fails to start back up again. Even if I close down the emulator at this point, the process keeps running in the background and I have to end it through task manager.

Any ideas?

Aside from this, it runs perfectly.

EDIT >>> Okay, really sorry. I just found and will try setting both clamp modes to normal. Seems this may work. *slaps himself for posting before checking further*

EDIT (AGAIN) >>> Okay, well that worked. I'd just like to thank myself for starting and ending my own thread.

How embarassing... :-/

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