Another "Help! Cheats aren't working!" Thread
Just like the title says, I can't get the cheat to work. I am running version 1.4.0. I think I have the right crc code, pnatch extension, converted raw codes, proper formatting, file location, region, etc. I'm so lost. Please help! Here is the code (file named 94A82AAA.pnatch):

gametitle=Persona 3 FES [SLUS_216.21] [94A82AAA]

//Hero never tired

and the log file attached.

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.txt   cheatlog.txt (Size: 12,7 KB / Downloads: 119)

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I'm sure you'll see it if you look close...
(there's an extra 't' in your filename)

Not found Cheats file: C:\Users\Alimorel\Desktop\Playstation 2\cheats\94A82AAA.pnach
... I am an idiot and I thank you.

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