Another Launcher for PCSX2?
I know.....there is alredy a launcher for PCSX2 (PCSX2 Bonus), but I like PCSX2 and PS2
I wanted to create un Launcher for myself first and then I decided to share it on this site. Hope you like it.
This is still in Beta stage (PCSX2 Launcher 2.5 for me). It's not perfect. I would like to improve it with your help, if you can .... thanks, and thanks to PCSX2 Coders you have created are magnificent!Happy

PCSX2 Launcher 2.5 loads the game settings selected by using a folder that has the same name of the game (in the folder PCSX2 Launcher\Games\Game name).
This folder contains:
1)backgrounds of the game from 1 to infinity in jpg, png or bmp (just the name of the game plus the number .... example, Tekken 5 [E] 1.jpg, Tekken 5 [E].jpg 2);
2)music of the game in wav (example...Tekken 5 [E].wav);
3)video of the game in avi or mp4 (preferably in style mini gameplay like PS3...would that be 10 seconds; example...Tekken 5 [E].avi);
4)disc of the game in png (example...Tekken 5 [E].png...I use "The Gimp" for add Alpha Channel to the disc);
5)configuration of the game in dat (example...Tekken 5 [E].dat).

Then, in the PCSX2 Launcher\Covers folder you can insert a cover of the game in jpg (example. .. Tekken 5 [E]. Jpg).
In PCSX2 Launcher\Database Games there is the database of your games (Database Games.dat).

In PCSX2 Launcher there is Folders.dat for manage the paths, Options.dat for various options,
PS2 Cover Disc.png for generic disc and Logo.jpg for generic game.
AxInterop.WMPLib.dll and Interop.WMPLib.dll are used by the component Windows Media Player.








This is a video demonstration.

Soon I will post the launcher.

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This belongs in the tools section not the support section. Moving.
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