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Another PAL game problem
Killzone PAL is not working in [email protected] 0.9.7. I have no sound and framerate 7,61. In compatibility list Kilzone is marked playable, but in NTSC version. I run it several times with standard settings and with different plugins/speedhacks.

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first u should give ur computer's specs secondly try buying the killzone NTSC version or get it however u want.
i wont help you steal it anywayz Smile wait for ur answers
there are many games that have problems when pal like dbz tenchnaichi in pal it has filkering but in NTSC it has no problems Smile
I don't see why He would buy a game he already owns...
maybe googling for a soft called pal2ntsc may help you though...
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Not to mention veiled piracy suggestions are not going to help anyone in this forum.
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