Another Star Ocean Question...yay
In Star Ocean till the end of time i get no slow downs except when i get into a battle, (when it flashes just before it goes into a battle) it lags like for 1 second, im not truely bothered by this problem but just want to know whats the cause of it Tongue
well what may be the cause of it

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Posting your rig specs and plugin configuration will help. For now the answer is that thing is intensive and machine demanding...
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rig specs: on profile Tongue
Plugin: direct3D11 (hardware)
3x naive
Texture filtering on
It's killing me as you wrote it a few times too much for it to be a simple typo ;O - "3x naive" - lol (native=/=naive:X)

Anyway before the battle most of the time there is an fx effect that slows down the game a bit, maybe that's the reason of that slight slowdown, it actually can happen couse speedhacks, the game runs nice with them, but at times they can have opposite effect or simply not be enough for that effect.
(08-10-2011, 07:07 PM)miseru99 Wrote: It's killing me as you wrote it a few times too much for it to be a simple typo ;O - "3x naive" - lol (native=/=naive:X)

haha oh come on! Tongue picking on my spelling mistakes! LOL
ur so NAIVE Wink haha jk Wink

ill try it without speedhacks and get back to ya!
still a problem with all speed hacks off Sad
this is what happens when i get into a battle

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Ah I guess I saw it too, maybe that happens when that wavy fx get's bugged before some fights, probably some skipdraw can help(and potentially break something else ;D). Gotta try myself, wanted to try if this game will run at full speed at underclocked cpu without speedhacks in latest rev anyway Tongue.
mmm pretty weird, i gonna try my star ocean and see if theres a problem with the last gdsx revision, the last time i play this was with the 0.9.7 and i dont see any "big" problem or slow down, now lets gonna search the darn game xD

ps love my messy room Tongue
Yeah I have no issues with Star Ocean that and the new commit should help speed a bit.
haha yeah its pretty weird....only happens when u get into a fight and u see 2 blocks and a black screen then it goes into the fight (when the whole things supposed to be a black screen) dunno if it is a graphics problem...Tongue not a huge problem but kinda curious to what it is

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