Another cheat manager (WIP) Reads CRC from pcsx2! and saves now
Hi guys, First post!
Ok, so I didn't look at the forum and see the manager already here.
Nevertheless I have made one also

Screenshot provided

This is a WIP, currently will read the PCSX2 log window looking for the CRC, will also retrieve the game name and ID from this window too.

The big fat save button at the bottom saves the files exactly how it looks in the preview window

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oops, if it doesnt load, delete the settings.ini file, it is crasing because my save path is there and i forgot to handle that error
Feedback would be nice!
Problems, feature requests?

I am trying to find a way to convert code to raw, as soon as I can find that out, I will make it able to look for codes online
About your "way to convert codes to raw" if I understand it correctly it seems like a repeat of the story from this thread.

I'm not really into using such programs as notepad with it's search & replace functions and unicode support is way better for my needs, but I checked your program and well I can pin down some irritating bugs. First of all, editing or even just clicking at any cheat makes the preview reload which is really slow with huge pnach files. Also your program have serious problems with patches which aren't described ie doesn't have any title(common with 1 cheat pnach files where people write the cheat name under "comment=" ), same as with those that use alot of useless lines to describe stuff or simply being exceptionally long.

Well anyway good luck and don't feel discouraged by lack of interest, I guess that for most of us here such kind of program is quite few years too late to be of any use;p and newbies simply doesn't visit tools section so commonly.

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