Another i cant get pcsx2 working thread....
Hi, newbie here....

I cant seem to set pcsx2 up properly, my spec is:

AMD Phenom 9600B quad core 2.31 Ghz

2gig ram

ATI HD5570

I can get the emulator running a game (Tourist Trophy) but i find it doesnt run the game very well. Ive played with the settting's after reading tutorials and videos on youtube.

But i cant do much else.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance....

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PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings? What do you mean "it doesn't run the game very well? Do you mean low speed? What do the EE/GS% numbers in the game window say when you get slowdowns?

As far as I know it is a very CPU demanding game and you have a slow one so other than trying some speedhacks and maybe overclocking/upgrading to at least a 3.2GHz Phenom II CPU there's probably not much you can do.
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