Another idea
I don't know is it possible or not. texture filtering apply if sprite zoom 2x or above againts sprite actual res in game?
So filtering won't apply all time, it won't lose sharp image.

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Texture filtering is a function of the GS that game devs were aware of and used in various ways.
If we mess with selectively ignoring it, we'll get very random results and I doubt they would
be desirable.
Let's say if game X has sprite 79x60 then in games become streched 158x120 caused by sprite near or zoomed so that sprite should be filter. E.g fire blast, energy blast, smoke,dust etc .as all we know those e.g above become larger size than it actual res when near.
That may fix PES 2011 wich not sharp when use filter and many games that look sharper when filter disabled cos grass sprite in PES 2011 are actual size sprite, and not streched like in monster rancher 3.
Here simple example:
if we have picture then we zoom it so what it happen? Of course it looks pixellate.
So filtering too, if a sprite in game not zoomed or stretched it won't look pixellate right?, and that sprite not apply filtering
Then if it zoomed or stretched so that sprite will filtered.
Cos if filter all sprite some games will less sharp. What do you think?

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