Another odd gamepad button mapping issue
I'm having another gamepad button mapping issue in the game "Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3." This one is particularly strange because my buttons work fine in the game menus, but as soon as I actually enter a course to drive, the X, Square, Circle and Triangle buttons stop working. The R2 button becomes a combination of X and R2, the L2 button becomes a combination of L2 and Square. This is very odd... Has anyone else encountered this problem before? Is there a way to resolve this? I am using the SSSPSX Pad Pressure Mod driver.


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Ok, turns out it is a bug in the SSSPSX Pad Pressure Mod plugin. I was able to fix it by switching to Lilypad (turns out I just needed to change the Game Device APIs setting to DirectInput to get it to work with my gamepad and map the controls). See my other post here for details:

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