Another shot
Hi there, I've posted here once a couple of days back, but it seems like my problem is still there, so I've decided to give another shot, hopefully the moderators wouldn't find me annoying.

Anyway, my problem is, I was playing Gakuen Alice Kira Kira Memory Kiss, and when it comes to the mini-games, it becomes a black screen.

Then in my previous thread, someone came in and asked me to change the setting to SSSE3 and Direct3D9 Software. I did, and a pink screen (which I assume is from the game) appears but that's all.

The fps became less than 10 and the mini-game can hardly run. Even though I waited for a couple of minutes, the game started but it's still the pink screen.

So I was wondering if anyone could help.

If you need a screenshot, I'll post it up. Laugh


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It's obvious the emulator has bugs with the game. Since not even the software renderer of GSdx can emulate it properly, there is probably no way to play this now. You could try ZeroGS or ZZOgl but I highly doubt any of the 2 will solve the problem
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