Another strange CPU Usage Problem
I'm using the beta 1474 and r1611-GSDX.

When i start any Game the CPU Usage shows 70% and i get low fps. But when i press F9 to use software mode and then switch back to hw-mode the cpu usage goes up to 99% AND the fps go higher. I wonder where that comes from? I mean i'm happy about that fps jump but it's strange anyway.

But look for yourself:        
E6600 2,4Ghz @3,2Ghz
2Gb Ram
GTX 275
Windows 7 32bit

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It switches back to dx9, where there is no vsync, turn it off for dx10.
Thx, but weird is: I have no vsync enabled in gsdx and i only have dx9 with my x1900xtx
btw: You do GREAT work! Running this game with this much fps on my old pc is fantastic. Thx for that! Laugh

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