Another thread about disc swapping for warrior games..(Please read description)
So I know there is already another thread that covers the disc swapping for Dw3 XL( but can anybody tell me how to make the disc swapping work for Dynasty warriors 5 Xtreme legends and Samurai warriors 2 and 1 XL since the thread only talks about disc swapping for Dw4 and Dw3 XL

Also take note that when I did the disc swapping method for Dw4 xl and Dw3 XL, it worked perfectly Smile....It is just that both methods are very different since it depends on what kind of files are in the extracted iso of Vanilla and XL version and that is where the problem starts..I don't know which files to copy from the DW5 vanilla extracted isos version to the XL extracted isos version.....Same thing said for SW2 XL

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