Any 60FPS Hacks Successful
Has anyone implemented any 60FPS hacks successfully without doubling the speed of the game?  Two games I am interested in this for are Xenosaga series and Rogue Galaxy, but knowing if any games have successfully been cranked up to 60fps from its original 30fps without doubling the game speed would be interesting to know.

Edit: GoneAyywire is correct, typically when people force a 30fps game to run at 60fps it plays at twice the speed and not the original speed at 60fps.

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60FPS hacks successfully without doubling the speed of the game?

I want you to think about that sentence for a second...
I think he meant was 60fps but without fast-forwarding the game speed.
What you want mainly works with variable frame rate games. Basically games not specifically coded to play at 30 fps (or any specific rate) and games where important aspects are not tied to frame rate. Shadow of the Colossus is a variable frame rate game and if you have a really really good PC and you adjust the EE cycle rate you can get the game running above what the PS2 ran it at (up to 60 fps from 20ish the PS2 ran it at), however doing this has a drawback that players of the remaster got treated to which is the game gets harder doing certain actions when the frame rate is higher.

So basically besides the obvious games where animation and other things are keyed to the frame rate (games where everything goes twice as fast when 60fps), it is not always the best thing to make a game that was not really designed to go faster then it was originally designed for... things can go wrong fast.

but far be it from me to stop someone from doing something that might break their game so here is the 60fps thread from this site

A lot of these will probably break the game one way or another because of reasons above, but maybe you will find a game and a code that work for you.
We've seen users making 60 FPS hacks for Gamecube/Wii games (some of them kinda working on console, though, limited by hardware obviously,) so I don't see why people couldn't do it for PS2 games.

I think this would more fall to a different group than the people working on PCSX2, though. The people that are making 60/120 FPS hacks for Dolphin are mostly separate from the people that work on the emulator. It's really a different skillset and mindset required for it.
The thread I linked is basically what you are talking about JMC47, but just unlocking the framerate is not really the solution.  For example lets look at Xenoblade chronicles for the Wii... here are all the codes needed to make the game run at 60 fps

A8000000 00000000 //Run once when apply
C206C36C 00000003 //Camera speed optional
EE81082A EE81A024
EC210532 EC000532
D00D82BC 00000000
C206C384 00000004
EC420532 EEB4A02A
EC150028 EC000532
EC150028 D04D82F4
60000000 00000000
C24CD770 00000002 //Melia effect fix
C022CF74 EC000828
D0170018 00000000
04668860 42080000 //Affinity screen fixes
04668864 41900000
0466886C 41200000
04668868 C1200000
046684DC 42200000 //Gem crafting animations
046684D4 42C80000
046684D8 42700000
04666fdc 42F00000 //Condition cycle speed
04667038 42F00000
046673f0 43340000 //UI slideout
04667420 43340000
C24C1ED4 00000002 //Stairs unsticky
EC3F0024 EC2100B2
60000000 00000000
0466606c 3b23d000 //Buggy lift
04667870 43480000 //Burst B fix timing
C2181264 00000002
EC0010FA EC00182A
60000000 00000000
04666090 3F7D6A16 //Ice Slide Speed
04666098 3F400000
0466609C 3F7DD000
0412e66c 41820008 //Slow Text
C212E668 00000003
7F85E378 7F66DB78
3E608000 82731824
2C130001 00000000 //Text End
041a3dec 41820008 //Slow Cutscene Text
C21A3DE8 00000003
807F0088 7FA4EB78
3E608000 82731824
2C130001 00000000 //End
0466AB90 3F000000 //Cutscene Switch speed
C24A0838 00000002
3E808082 82949E68
2C140002 00000000
C203A52C 00000004 //Screen dimming duration
3E808082 82949E68
2C140001 3803F800
41A20008 3803F000
60000000 00000000
C24ED0AC 00000001 //Head Movement
ECC0C63A 00000000
C24EC8BC 00000001
EC40FFFA 00000000
C24ED0B4 00000001
ECA0C63A 00000000
C249A358 00000004 //Menu 60fps
3FC080CA 63DE54B4
C282CF74 7C03F000
41A20008 EC210532
83C10008 00000000
041C3904 3803FFFA
041C38EC 2800001A
041C3890 2800001A
041C38A8 3803FFFA
046687A0 41A00000
046687A8 40666667
04668890 42080000
04668894 41900000 //Menu End
C24497D4 00000002 //Select art controls
7D084214 7CE83A14
60000000 00000000
C24497FC 00000002
7D084214 7CE83850
60000000 00000000
C2449844 00000002
7D084214 7C083800
60000000 00000000 //Controls End
C20BAD8C 00000003 //Grass double value if fraction
EEA1082A FE810878
FC34A86E C01F2F48
60000000 00000000
C23DFE1C 00000003 //Moving Texture
1C00000C D022FFFC
F0223FF8 E0223FF8
60000000 00000000
C23DFEBC 00000002
C043000C C022FFFC
60000000 00000000
C23E5B54 00000004
C02D9BE0 3D808082
818C9E68 2C0C0002
4182000C C062CF74
EC230072 00000000
C23E5128 00000004
C02D9BE0 3D808082
818C9E68 2C0C0002
4182000C C062CF74
EC230072 00000000
C23E8AEC 00000004
C02D9BE0 3D808082
818C9E68 2C0C0002
4182000C C062CF74
EC230072 00000000
C23DFEB4 00000012
C062FFFC FC030840
C0230004 41820080
C0630000 C043000C
EC621828 C042C010
C0A2CF74 FC021840
41A20038 C023FFF8
C0630004 FC801A10
FC000A10 FC040040
41A10014 FC801050
FC8120AE EC64182A
4BFFFFE4 EC230828
EC25187A 48000030
C0630010 FC801A10
FC000A10 FC040040
41A10014 FC801050
FC8120AE EC64182A
EC220172 00000000
C244B714 00000011 //Timer FPS Multi
3E808000 62941824 //Gr1824
80140000 68000001 //Extra Speed Multi
90140000 3E808066
82944268 2C140000
38000001 3CA03F00
41A20028 3E808066
82943E18 3C008082
6000CB00 7C140000
38000001 41A2000C
38000002 3CA03F80
3E808082 90149E68
3EA080CA 801554C0
2C000000 41820020
3EC08066 80163D24
2C000001 40A20008
3CA03F80 90B554C0
38630001 00000000
C216ADC4 00000005 //Timer mods using Gr1824
3E808082 82949E68 //skip if movie
2C140002 3A800001
4182000C 3E808000
82941824 7C04A214
60000000 00000000
C216ADCC 00000001
7C03A214 00000000
C21669CC 00000002 //Not Skipped
C242CF74 EC0004B2
D01E01E8 00000000
60000000 00000000 //End Timer
C249A374 00000005 //Speed Multi
EE739828 FC019840
41820018 3E808082
82B49E68 2C150002
41820008 C022CF74
D023000C 00000000
C216AD8C 00000004 //Intro Only
3E808082 82949E68
C0229BCC 2C140002
41820008 C022CF74
60000000 00000000
C2137DE8 00000002 //UI Speeds Half
C002CF74 EC210032
C0030010 00000000
C205C414 00000002 //Climb Fix
60000000 00000000
C244B460 00000001 //Run Speed
38000002 00000000
22CA54C0 00000000 //Check once
04CA54C0 3F000000 //60 fps speed
E0000000 80008000
If you just have the last 60 fps speed code then as you can probably tell lots of animations and other issues break or run at the wrong speed.  But this game is fortunate since most if not all the values needed are stored in RAM and are able to be manipulated by cheat codes.  For games with hard coded values you can not even apply these kind of fixes even if the actual speed is not a fixed value.  There are also Dolphin games that you can not find or run 60 fps codes on because of the same issues that happen to PS2 games.
So, yes it can be done on some games.  Yes it takes different skills then writing an emulator (it takes some cheat engine or other memory debugger skills to track down all the values that are needed to be changes).  Finally yes PCSX2 has quite a few 60 fps codes that need far more then just the FPS unlock code that is all that exists.
Where do I enter these codes into on PCSX2? Any idea if the 60 fps code for Rogue Galaxy is properly working without an unwanted speedup, with the exception of possible glitches somewhere in the game. Also I had found the thread but people had complained that it ran the games at 2x the speed so I was uncertain if they even worked properly. But I have seen games running properly at 60fps, I think kingdom hearts was one of them, but not certain. I just know people have pulled it off on PCSX2 and I figured there must be a list of proper 60 hacks rather than a mix of maybe working 60fps hacks.

Edit: I finally got around to grabbing my copy of Rogue Galaxy out of storage to mess around with. Started it up on PCSX2 and to my surprise it is running 60fps from the rip!?!?! I read that this game runs at 30fps on PS2 and PS4, and it is listed in the 60fps hack thread that is linked above. I guess the developers of PCSX2 implemented the 60fps hack in automatically due to no consequential glitches?
No the reported FPS does NOT equal ingame FPS. and Rouge Galaxy has some pretty nasty bugs once you get to Vedan.

May want to check out the wiki page for the game

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