Any Recommendations?
Im new to PCSX2, but not to emulation. I have been playing all the games off of DVDs. Does the FPS increase that much if I make an ISO on harddrive? Also, any plugin/config advice for my system specs (In Sig.).

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Some games run better with ISOs. And then there is the convenience bonus Smile
Best plugins/PCSX2 for you might be ( may vary depending on the game ):
Consider using new PCSX2 Beta
GSDX in DX10 Mode ( requires Vista )

If you opt to use the Playground Beta you should also play a bit with:
Denormals are Zero ( speeds up many games, breaks very few )
Speedhacks ( speed up some / many games, break some / many )

But don't expect 3D intense games to go full speed with your rig, CPU and GPU are way to weak for many PS2 games.
Reading the OFFICAL GUIDE can answer 90% of your newbie questions
SEARCHING the forums can answer 90% of your advanced questions.
Thanks for the replay, Ill mess around and see what happens.

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