Any cons in using a 144hz monitor ?
I'm not going to use vsync so any refresh rate I use won't make a difference right ? Will I have to configure PCSX2 any differently using a 144hz monitor ? Any other cons I should know of ? thanks

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No it's fine.
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Despite the base 60 FPS and 50 FPS used in PCSX2 are like an emulation of the refresh rate for PS2 NTSC and PAL machines respectively they are still FPS.

The 144 HZ on your Monitor is it's refresh rate and then not directly linked with the actual FPS it will be showing at given time. Most monitors use values around 60HZ-75Hz (since they aren't so much affected by the flicking effect experimented on older CRT monitors). Monitors presenting 120+ HZ are meant for 3D technologies and have no real advantage otherwise, for example the strobe effect would be somewhat alike at 60Hz and 120HZ in a country using 60Hz in the power grid. That meaning a 75Hz monitor would be better than 60 or 120Hz in the case if the flickering was an issue.

The good news is you may keep the vertical sync on for almost all PC native games and not be capped in FPS till getting at the monitor's RR, actually you may want to force a FPS cap in some games to prevent the physics going "havoc", Skyrim as example Smile

PS: On the other side you'll have hard time getting most nowadays games running near the monitor's RR with the current video card, if at all possible under high screen resolution + higher graphics quality.
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