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Any difference between AVX and SSE 4.1?
I think this just affects Sandy Bridge owners... I can only test one game at the moment (Ico) but fps seems the same, does anyone have a different experience?

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From info I already read here about GSdx AVX, it does have all previous instructions in hardware, with the new ones only at software, soo potential fps change should be visible only in software mode if any. At least that's how it seems to be, if I don't fail at understanding what others wrote in GSdx thread and around:].
Ahh. yes the AVX works better (upto 3-4 fps increase) in software mode.
Where can I find the AVX version of GSDX? The DLL is in the plugin folder but it does not show up when I config PCSX2.
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It is there in the latest SVN's. The GSDX AVX version will only show up if your computer supports AVX Instructions.

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