Any difference between BIOS versions?
Hello all,

I've got 2 PS2s, an old fat V4 and the other 1 is one of the latest PS2 slim models with SCPH-90001 which from what I read seems to have an updated BIOS that prevents some PS2 homebrew exploits, maybe it's been exploited by now but I don't know. I've also got a 1st gen PS3 fully BC if that can be used in any way lol.

Anyway, is there any deference in performance between Bios versions, so it's better to extract one than the other? Are some not compatible or known to cause issues with PCSX2?

Also, will the chosen BIOS region lock the emulated games? Because my slim is NTSC but my fat PS2 is PAL.

Any help would be really appreciated.

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There is no difference between those(well except one but that doesn't case any problems to emulate a game)
The newer/updated bios just have one feature removed(the ability to update the DVD player,nothing else).That ability removed can't case any problems when you play games of real PS2 or PCSX2.

That feature was removed because that is the way how FMCB works.Because of this ability,when you start your PS2,he automatically start searching for updates for the DVD Player inside your memory card in special folder,it search for special kelf file(encrypted elf file)and since FMCB is installing the loader(that shows your those extra menus and add some feature)in exactly that special place and as kelf file,when the PS2 start and search for the DVD Player updates,he find that file and load it.
The newer bios just don't have that feature(to search for that file)and that's why you can't use FMCB on newer PS2 modes

And no,there is no region lock in can play any region game with any region bios
I can't play PS1 games on my new PS2 for some reason. My old one was able to do it if I reset PS2 2 or 3 times.
Your old was was able to start PS1 games because you have a modchip on it(some modchips require to reset the PS2 two times quickly to enter in PS1 mode)

There could be other reasons why you can't play PS1 games.
If this include original PS1 games,them maybe your laser is not ok(the laser is "divided in two" is possible only CDs to not work and only DVDs to not work)
If you are using FMCB...he allows only PS2 games on DVD disks but original disks should work fine.
There are some modchips that don't get along very well with FMCB and won't allow you star a PS1 game as long at the memory card with FMCB is inserted while you are booting the PS1 game(you can plug the card after you start the game but not before that)
Mine isn't modchipped because I don't know how to do it but I'm not sure because I remember taking my old ps2 to shop and when I went to get it back, he asked for more money because he "added a feature" and I was able to play NTSC games without any problems.

Both of them are slim.
Without modchip/swap magic(there are other complicated way but I doubt you know about them or maybe use them)on newer modes you can't play backups or games not from the region of the console.
If you can't play original PS1 games of the same region as your console,then most likely there is something wrong with your laser(can you play original PS2 CD games of the same region as the newer PS2)

This "added a feature" is either modchip or FMCB+ESR(if you don't patch your PS2 DVD games before burning them,then it's modchip).The modchip allows you to play any region PS1/2 game.
Thanks a lot vsub, that's exactly what I needed to know.
Bios versions over 2.0 may contain Region checking.
The Japanese 2.20 bios causes pcsx2 to bump back to the memcrd/disk browser when you attempt to start a non japanese game.
Is this only if you use Full Boot or with Fast Boot too.
If it's only Full Boot,then that's normal...any bios act that way.

If you use Full Boot on game with region other that the region of the bios,the game wont start.
(05-24-2011, 09:18 AM)vsub Wrote: Is this only if you use Full Boot or with Fast Boot too.
If it's only Full Boot,then that's normal...any bios act that way.

This is patently false, prior to 2.0 a euro, jap or us bios could load games from any region just fine with fullboot.

Quote:If you use Full Boot on game with region other that the region of the bios,the game wont start.

Again, false. only the versions past 2.0 fail to boot the Euro or usa games, all region bios's up till 2.0 (and including 2.0) can boot games from any region without issue.

I've had a fair few ps2's pass through here to verify that.

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