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Any freeware releases of PS2 games besides Tribes: Aerial Assault?
Tribes: Aerial Assault was released on the devs site at but have there ever been any other games released to the public in a similar manner?
It seems virtually impossible to do a web search for freely available PS2 games without all of the results being piracy related links.

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Nope. This was a one off. Unique and unexpected.
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OK, I have found a couple publiclly released ROMS of formerly commercial games for other platforms online in the past, and apparently for PS2 it is just as rare of an occurrence.
Due to the inability to play burned dvd's on your PS2 (without modification) this is quite frequently a situation that goes overlooked, so developers wouldn't generally release PS2 games under public domain as most people would find it unusable, unless they had PCSX2 up and running of course Smile
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