Any games with funny bugs/glitches?
Weird question, I know, but I love seeing funny glitches in games. For example, you probably know there's a bug in FFX under PCSX2 where Tidus and monsters will face backwards from each other in battles, which I thought was hilarious.

Any other glitches like this?

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.hack//GU series, if you turn on VU cycle steal speed hack to full the geometry for characters break in funny ways. On my older PC when I was using it that high for the game to be playable at all, it got all sorts of fun glitches like heads imploding (internal geometry collapsed), body parts twisting in unpleasant looking ways, etc etc. Best/funniest glitches I've gotten with PCSX2.
[Image: 2748844.png]
With old revisions (don't remember wich ones), .hack gu games had a really funny glitch with mouth movements in cutscenes.

The chars would move their mouths like the Canadians in South Park.

Those sound hilarious, I'll have to check that game out. Any more?! Happy

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