Any general suggestions?
I know the first thing people are going to suggest; "Buy better hardware." I know that's the easiest route, but what fun is that? I mainly just want to run Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix in full screen, just tired of the black borders that the PS2 forces on me Tongue2 If I can get the game to run at a decent speed to where everyone doesn't sound like they're on drugs or mentally handicapped, that'd be nice. If not, oh well, I'll just deal with the black borders. Anyway, here are my specs though I'm telling you now, they're definitely outdated:

Pentium 4 HT @3Ghz
2GB System RAM
nVidia GeForce 9400 GT with 1GB GRAM

Sword of Etheria and Final Fantasy XII work really well. If I could get KHII to run at the same speed as those two, that'd be wonderful Tongue2 I just wonder how FF12 can run better than KHII while 12 has WAY more space to map out that KHII, lol. Anyhow, if I get some good feedback, that'd be nice. Thanks for any input!

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Have you tried the speed hacks? Also, tell us your FPS on the games you mentioned.
You don't guess how a game work less you peer deep into the game code. And yes, to your disappointment, I'll say that there's no magic shortcut to your problem; get a better PC.
I don't understand why having a black bars on the TV;P, are there any TV's that doesn't have scalling/stretching options? Or it's just that you don't like having stretched graphics?

If it's the first then lol what TV do you have? Most TV's have at least a few stretching options to choose from and some even custom ones or some more advanced settings, try different modes/settings for the best result. Possibly also this thread could interest you, or at least the GS mode selector mentioned in it(have no clue about it personally, never used nor I have much need for;P).

But if it's the second, just use search forum option or google for a widescreen patch for this game. If you have some cheating option(like a codebreaker/action replay/gameshark) or can run backups depending how the patch works, you can play the game in widescreen at the console:].

But yeah no chance for you on that PC. That's a fact and nothing to do about it unless you upgrade it to something at least from mid range of the new hardware.

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