Any idea how to remove MGS3 upscaling lines? SOLVED
There's a 1 pixel wide vertical line on the left side of screen and similar one on the top. Sometimes they flicker and sometimes they're static. It's a minor issue but it just keeps getting more and more annoying the more I play.

I know it can be fixed by some mysterious custom resolution, I tried some but none work.
I also tried increasing zoom but the lines are not disappearing.
I wanted to mask it with the border shader but strangely it just doesn't work (other shaders do).

I'm using v1.5.0-dev-1871-geda22c2

Apparently the lines weren't caused by upscaling but by the half-pixel offset hack (used to realign post processing). The same effect can be achieved by using 400 TC X/Y offset which doesn't cause any garbage lines Smile

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