Any known issues with "Memcard as Folder" feature?
Heya, I've been trying to read up on this feature since I like to have my saves exclusive to the game, ie. one memcard = for each game, but they are rather huge, 60mb's uncompressed, etc.

Folders seem like a better approach here, but I don't know how reliable they are in "2019", they're still marked as [experimental] in the latest builds and for me save data need to be 100% reliable, no question.

So I'm wondering if there are any known compatibility issues, also can they be converted back and forth to a standard memcard / folders, I'm about to play Star Ocean and I know that game does something weird with a "Trophie" file that gets locked onto the memcard, does that play nice with this folder option.

Basically is it recommended nowadays is all I'm asking.

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SO3's trophie save is non-copyable,non-tranfeable and said on the save profile
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In my experience, the folder memcards themselves are very reliable. I have heard of an occasional game having some odd issue with them (I suspect maybe these games did not-so-nice things to memcards), but other than that, they work quite well for what they are. Unless you've seen reports from people of them failing, I'd guess they're pretty solid.

The important thing to note is that folder memcards are not "complete"; unlike a file memcard, they have no permanent file allocation table. Instead, one is made on-the-fly, and it only contains the currently running game's files. If a game is able to read another game's save files, these game relationships have to be manually patched in (via the GameDB, which is already done for a lot of the more known games). The PS2 browser will also not detect any contents on the folder memory cards, but with the files directly on your file system there is little reason to use it anyways.
I've dealt with one issue, that being a vice city save. A file within the folder was "1: Distribution..." The character colon is a forbidden character in Windows and cannot be used, unless a workaround was found

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