Any news on PCSX2 1.3 (or above) ... ?
The end of the year is almost upon us.  Does this mean that PCSX2 will finally get an updated stable release (e.g. PCSX2 1.3) ... ?

Quote from bositman's progress report (10/1/15) at

Quote:The next progress report will likely be delayed until around the end of the year. Why, you ask? Our team is quite small as a lot of you know and we are currently working on releasing a new stable build! Because of that we decided it would be best to consolidate our efforts on that in order to get it done as soon as possible.

Sure would be nice to get an updated stable release soon.  Make for a nice Christmas present to all of those who have supported PCSX2.

So, any "new" news?  Thanks in advance.

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Go here (found this after my initial post):

I guess that's the latest we can expect to know as of now.  But is PCSX2 still on track for an actual release by the end of the year?
Forum rules state don't ask when we are releasing. However since we sort of announced a release I'll let it go.

Are we on track? Think so.
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Thanks for understanding, and good to know about PCSX2 looking like it's on track for an update soon.
As we said around the end of the year, this doesn't mean it will be before December 31st, just "near" it Tongue It is more likely to be mid/late January at my current estimate.
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