Any one here tried the shadow hearts games on PCSX2 playground?
Does it work?

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It didn't run fast enough for me cause of my 2.3ghz cpu I believe. Search the forum for answers as it might give you a better Idea.
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SH1 works, but you got to use GSDX DX9 native resolution to get rid of the black stripes.
DX10 Software mode works as well, but is slower.

No idea about 2+3, don't own them.
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thank you
Shadow hearts 2 still unplayable - freezes in startup.
Shadow hearts 3 work great but very slow , nearby 30 fps.
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SH1 works great but DX10 really had some weird stripes
SH2 no chance, tested with all possible versions of PCSX2
SH3 works best of all and performance is great on a C2D 4.4Ghz (~90FPS), very CPU dependant game

I tested only PAL and only shortly. I will get NTSC from a friend and then do a playthrough if possible.
I've finished both SH1 and SH3 on PCSX2 and both work great.
For SH1,you need a very fast processor AND video card to play it at good speeds with DX9.DX10 mode gives some horizontal black stripes when resolution is not native which makes it unusable
For SH3,if you enable denormals are zero for the VUrec you'll get a pretty good speedup Wink
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