Any option to add black borders ? (Need it to hide red borders in Onechanbara)
Is there any way of adding black borders to the Screen in PCSX2 ? I want to get rid of ghosting, basically with Zombie Hunters 2 and Simple 2000 series vol 80 and 101 if i set TC Offset X and Y to 700 i get rid of the black borders but it introduces ghosting, but if i set TC offset to 500 there's no ghosting but rather that distracting red border, i would like a black border to overlay the red error, in Pete's Opengl plugin for PS1 emulation for instance i remember there was a option to remove parts of the edges of screen to hide glitches.

PS: i tried Half Pixel Offset and Alpha plus skipdraw, it did not fix the issue, all Half Pixel did was make the values needed for TC offset be smaller, but i still had the same issue. CRC Hack level also does not help.

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I think this is the point of the zoom function in gs window settings. Just try 102% zoom.
^ Yeah this
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I found out what i was looking for in GSdx_FX settings there is a PX_border settings where you can apply vertical and horizontal black borders, but the zoom option works out even better thank you XD (the side black ones where rather unpleasant, i have no issues with borders on the top and bottom, but i can't really stand them on the side). I actually will end up with combining them, it using zoom just enough to get rid of the red line on the side and using the black border to get rid of the remaining red border on the bottom (since the one on the bottom is a bit larger), its a good combo to not loose as much vertical space XD. Really thanks for the help i have now the game running perfectly, yet agian i'm very impresed with what PCSX2 is able to achieve, thanks to the devs and contributors for implementing all of this as well.
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