Any place to get game saves besides GameFAQs?
Hello everyone, topic title pretty much says it all. I am looking for a specific game save for Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence, and GameFAQs doesn't have what i'm looking for. Does anybody know of any place to get save files (NOT games or bios)? Thank you for your time.

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Try this.
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
(01-22-2014, 05:51 PM)Nobbs66 Wrote: Try this.

Didn't have it on there, but thank you.
You can always request a save and see if someone has what you're looking for.
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
Already did. Now the wait, she begins. Anyone else have any ideas?
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