Any plans for native zip support
Was just wondering if there were any plans for PCSX2 to natively support opening zips, or rars or 7z files or whatever (without using a plugin and a proprietary format)?

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what on earth are you talking about.
rar, compressed ISO, usually pirated
7z, compressed and split ISO, usually pirated

um.. highly doubt it
He's probably a newbie who has no WinRAR.

Google WinRAR, download it, and use it for opening compressed folders.

But yeah, I'm going to suspect that you're pirating... not going to totally assume it though. Just suspect it.
Or just to save space(load the games archived)...I think this will actually have a negative effect(the cpu will have to do more work)
No, this is just for storing ISOs as they're so darn big. NTFS compression doesn't seem all that great for them, and I'm wary about turning them all into linuz compressed files.
just use Linuz ISO CDVD and use its internal z or bz compression, you shouldn't have to worry about it since you can just remake the image from the original dvd if it gets corrupted or doesn't work right.
you could also find a program that cuts off/shrinks empty sectors. it can reduce some games iso size. but might not work for all.
Yes,there are even games that are 4gb+ but actually are less than 300mb(false lba or dummy files)
You can use 7zip or WinRAR for compression as well, but I don't know how that'll work with PCSX2.

I think the Linuz way to go is pretty much the only way. It does a good job though.

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