Any suggested settings for Silent Hill games and/or Fatal Frame?
I'm having trouble with Silent Hill/Fatal Frame games and both are the same issue. I have experimented with the settings with what little i know about the program and nothing seems to fix my specific problem. When i'm exploring the game runs 60 fps without a hitch or even a hiccup but the second i get any kind of action like fighting enemies etc..... i get major slow downs down to 35-40 fps and the audio also drags with it sounds like people are talking in slow mo. Any suggestions?

AMD Phenom 2 x4 @3Ghz
AMD Radeon HD 5770
WD Black 500GB Hard Drive

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Whats EE% and GS% during the slow downs?

Which PCSX2 version are you using and have you made an image from your discs?
not sure how to look at the FallenAngelX, and Strife im using the latest version of PCSX2 and only playing my games from ISO images

Edit: ok i found the EE and GS%. During the slow downs EE goes up to 56% and GS went up to 68% and FPS was around 40
You system does meet the min. requirements for PCSX2, perhaps you've choosen exactly the 2 games, that are just too heavy for us AMD users Smile
Well its more than just 2 games. It also happens in Fight Night Round 2 and WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011. Fight Night is one i don't really understand how its slowing down, i mean it only has to render a small crowd and 2 guys in the ring fighting. It doesn't get much easier than that lol

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