Any suggestion on running MGS2 Substance smoothly?
It's extremely slow when begins on the tanker deck in the rain.about 1 fps (yah you didn't read it wrong).Finally I made it through the rain and it becomes normal when indoor.the fps is fair.but it will still slow down a little bit at some spot for a few seconds.
So any ideas to fix the outdoor problem?Or it's just a bug?
Using the newest gdsx sse4 hw,no interlacing,no texture filtering,d3d native stretch(a question what's the logarithmic Z and alpha correction thing?I have 'em both enabled),and speedhack: cyclerate *2,INTC sync hack enabled,IOP *2 enabled.
Thanks in adv.Biggrin

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pc specs ?
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[email protected],s3 430 256m,2g ddr3 1066.
It could be an effect that doesnt do well on hardware, try a software renderer? Rest of the game wouldnt do great with it tho.

Also try the latest beta, maybe the "vu cycle stealing" spedhack on it could help.
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thank you for the link.I'll try it later.
I've tried SW mode already,it's even slower.
And once indoor it'll be OK(Hardware),but it will be either a little faster or slower than normal at some spot (I set the framelimit to "limit") though it doesn't matter much.But at scenes when it comes down to 1fps it's really annoying.
Hmm.. your 3D card is quite quite weak! (S3 430), I think there lies the problem... anyways, try the suggestions made by the other members!!
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I guess it's quite *1 weak (not *2 Biggrin )
It's said it's equal or a little weaker than 8400gs.Not good but still usable.

One more thing,if I disable the pagefile sometimes pcsx2 will crash and I find out it will eat up about 1.5gb ram Blink

Now I'm going to see if the beta version works better.
Ok,a quick report.
Firstly the beta r1888 can't use the old savestate so I made a memcardsave and copy to it.It works.
Secondly it's indeed faster even with no speedhack.But it still crashes suddenly at the "freeze" scene.I guess it's the RAM thing.Should I turn on pagefiles?
Now I've got microVU 0 & 1 checked,*2 cyclerate,INTC,IOP*2,Status flag,min/max hack enabled,and set the VU cyclestealing to the max.It's really faster now.(Though I don't know what they are for at all.Could anyone explain or give me a link to the guide?)
Anyway to fix the RAM issue?I don't think it's reasonable to takeup 1.5gb ram.
Thank you.
BTW,it also crashed when I tried to equip thermal goggle.
It seems if using SW then it won't crash.But the average speed will slow down.

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