Any updates on PCSX2 ... ? 1.5 ... ? 1.6 ... ?
Curious - are there any plans to update the "stable" version of PCSX2 anytime soon?  I know we aren't supposed to ask about "when" the next version of PCSX2 will be released, but in all fairness, the last stable release was in 2016.  It is now 2018.  And there was discussion initiated by the developers themselves about PCSX2 being updated to 1.6 a long while ago, and based on these discussions, PCSX2 was supposed to be updated by now.  I have donated to the PCSX2 team for their hard work, so I hope asking about this won't result in a "ban" or a snarky response, especially since I am asking this very respectfully.  You guys do excellent work.  Thanks; keep it up.

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There is something I don't understand.
Even if it is not a "stable" release,what stop you from using the betas.

Even if 1.6 is released right now,there can still be a chance that something get broken even it is "stable" release and that problem is fixed in the next beta.
Will you still use 1.6 until 1.8 is released or use the beta version.

Personally,I have never used a stable version of pcsx2 and don't often see a game breaking problems(not that I often update the beta version I use)
They wont do a "stable" release download the git's that's pcsx2 1.5
(02-24-2018, 08:35 PM)kenshen Wrote: They wont do a "stable" release download the git's that's pcsx2 1.5

Err, that's wrong. We're working towards or 1.6 milestone but it will still be a few more months until it gets released.
Thanks! Hope the team will be able to release it then.
I want to echo vsub here. There is no substantial reason to favor the stable builds over the development. They're essentially just development milestone markers. The development builds are much more frequently updated and if you aren't using them right now, you're missing out on a substantial amount of improvements that have happened since 1.4.0. They don't blow up your computer just because they don't have the word "stable" in them.

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