Any way to change the turbo button from tab to the ps2 button on controller?
I use turbo quite often, and this may come off as nooby if I don't know how to do this, but I'll ask anyways. Is there anyway to make the ps3 middle button to enable/disable turbo, as the tab button does? I hope this is in the right section, and doesn't sound too stupid lol Tongue2 Thanks in advance!
This would be a great help in something like final fantasy X, I'm in a battle and have turbo on, then go to do overdrive but forget to turn it off, then I'd have to reach over to keyboard and press tab, which would take up too much time, so I'd really appreciate the help.

EDIT - I was messing around with some settings and figured it out.. For those of you who might wonder the same thing, its under motioninJoy Gamepad tool profile editor, just change the ps3 button to keystroke then select the tab button. Just note you may have to re calibrate your pad settings for pcsx2

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that turbo binding keys is not available for SSXPAD and Lilypad's key bindings
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Don't you have to pay for xpadder?
Or just use joy2key.
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On the newer revisions you can just press L3 to toggle turbo, I don't think there's any games that actually use it

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