Any way to make games sharper?
No matter how far you push resolution it's never crisp and sharp.. guessing it's to do with the blending.

Like this is running at 5x native.

Looks soft and not sharp.

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FMV and for that matter 2D parts of games will not gain anything from increases in internal resolution. You would need texture/video replacement with high definition assets to actually make a noticeable change and apparently either the PS2 or PCSX2 does not play well with that.

Also keep in mind for FMVs trying to make a high definition version would also be a whole other can of worms and probably not worth the effort unless you were the company who made the game originally and had the master that you could scale (or more likely redo)
Yes, original texture quality is low. As a remainder the PS2 is nearly 20 years old so we can't do miracle Wink

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