Any way to preload the entire ISO into RAM?
Hello just a quick question whether it is possible to preload the entire game image to RAM so that I could avoid those 1sec stutters in some games. It's already implemented in Retroarch Beetle PSX and it works wonders completely eliminating any random stutters.

Right now I'm replaying Silent Hill 2 and I've been noticing those hitches when opening doors. It's especially annoying since the opening door sound freezes and creates some sound distortions.

I haven't found any related setting in the GUI so maybe it's possible to enable it via a .ini file? And if it's not implemented then I'm sure it should easy enough to do so in future what do you guys think?

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Hi, I don't think this feature is present in PCSX2.

Btw, Retroarch just uses a mednafen recommended feature, I don't think retroarch has this option for Reicast.
That's a real bummer, I hope it will get implemented eventually in the future.

Is seems like such a basic feature I'm really baffled why it hasn't been implemented already. At this point I'm 100% it has to be my WD Green having some issues with some random reads or sth but I can't be the only one with those stuttering issues?

I could try moving the .iso temporarily to my ssd but it seems to be counterproductive doing this with every game to say the least.
It has been discussed, but so far nothing has come of it.
PSX is 600 MB CD whereas PS2 DVD could be more than 4GB (hint a 32 bit process is limited to 4GB). And normally real disk ought to be fast enough. OS/HDD will cache various stuff already.

It is doable (at least on linux) but it is a low priority.
If you're running linux, you can do this at an OS level by creating a virtual disk in RAM and copying the ISO to it. I don't know the exact commands off the top of my head, but as gregory said the ISO is likely to be around ~4gb so be sure that you have plenty of ram.
It's not worth adding explicit support in PCSX2 when you can just create a ramdrive and put the ISO there. Also, recall that the games are originally intended to run off a spinning DVD media - which is quite slow, so typically all/most of the loading of stuff happens in dedicated loading screens etc, where the media speed doesn't matter much to begin with.

Bottom line is that's typically it's not really required anyway, and you can also do it yourself with ease, so it's very low priority, if at all, to build such feature into PCSX2 itself.

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