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Any way to use Action replay/Gameshark codes in PCSX 2?
(04-25-2009, 11:22 AM)Selius Wrote: Patch Browser and Enable patches

get cb2crypt and convert the codebreaker codes from to raw

click Add RAW and punch it in. change the start of the code to 0 and it should work. if it crashes your game you did it wrong.

an example if you don't get it.

FFX infinite money : 1A613D30 0000FFFF

punch that into cb2crypt and hit decrypt and it spits out : 1031A028 0000FFFF

change the starting 1 to a 0 and you get : 0031A028 0000FFFF

put that into the Add Raw and don't forget to toggle Enable Patches.

Do you need to enter the mastercodes?

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no you do not need it because it is make pcsx2 crash but some times cheat will not work with out master codes

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