Any ways to improve performance?
I just installed Pscx2 on my laptop and was trying to play midnight club 3. It crashed and there was a lot of slow down on sound and video but it was only at random times so i don't think just speeding the game up would work...

Are there anyways to improve performance while playing games?

Running Windows Vista 32 bit
Intel Core2 Duo CPU T7300 2.00GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS

I'm using the default everything pretty much. Would using different plug-ins improve anything? If so, which plug-ins and settings should I use?
Don't really care about the graphics so much as long as its playable.

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*overall slowdown because you have a weak CPU and GPU laptop.
*send your emulog.txt after the crushes.
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The program itself doesn't crash but the game freezes and its pretty impossible to play. Will changing the plug-ins do anything? And where can i find the emulog?
You can try with the latest SVN build that has some hackfixes for that game:

It probably won't freeze but as mentioned already you have a weak PC and you may not get enjoyably results unfortunately .
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