Anybody else having crashes when configuring XBOX One Controllers? ;) Fix HERE

some probably already noticed that when trying to configure XBOX One controllers in PCSX2, the program crashes.
It can be that this may also happen when playing, no clue, didnt test.

This is due to Microcraps new stupid unavoidable Windows 10 update which changes something about Directinput and Xinput or something, dont ask me what exactly it does.
Fact is, it messes up with many games and programs on Windows 10. I hope Microsoft fixes this, if not this will really get many people into trouble.
For example, many games simply crash, stuck, mouse/keyboard doesnt work anymore and whatnot. I dont know if anybody discovered a fix already.
Actually I think Microsoft has to fix this crap. There was already a update which apparently improved the situation, for some.
Still, some issues are still left. Also for PCSX2.

So now to the fix:
To fix this crash problem simple disable DirectInput in the control settings of PCSX2. Leave Xinput enabled because if you disable this too you cant configure Xbox controller anymore. (Config > Controllers > Plugin settings > General > Device APIs > Directinput)
I think only XBOX One controllers are affected by this problem. XBOX 360 should work without problems anyway.

Fixed it for me, so I guess it fixes it for you too! : )

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